Kitchen Voyeur Season 2, Episode 5 - How to Grill Anything (Indoors)

Whole Cooking With Evan Hendrix

Achieving delicious and complex flavor on a stovetop grill is challenging. There is no flame and no smoke to help you. In this episode Evan gives away his 5 simple secrets to make indoor grilling come alive.

The Secrets:

  • Salt your meat or veggies several hours in advance (24 hours is preferable).
  • Use a flat-top grill for more surface area contact.
  • Grill lemons along with your meat or veggies to create a caramelized tart drizzling sauce that will add "pop" to your final product. (Evan also recommends sprinkling the grill with fresh rosemary along with the lemon. This creates at little smoke and a whole lot of flavor).
  • Grill things that are thin, like skirt steak or asparagus. The goal is to create a quick maillard reaction (browning) without overcooking or undercooking.
  • After grilling meat, let it rest for at least as long as you grilled it. Then slice it. This allows the juices to redistribute and stay in the meat, rather than sadly draining away on your cutting board.

And there you have it: five simple steps to taking your indoor grilling to the next level (and maybe even rival your outdoor grill!).

Please do try this at home. Because when it comes to cooking, all you need is curiosity, permission, and a few techniques.


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Photo Credit: Viktor Hanacek