Practicing Medicine Without a License.

You practice medicine on yourself every day. Did you know that? Every time you eat, think, move, or supplement you are writing yourself a prescription. Every time you sleep or pursue healthy relationships, every time you turn stress into resilience, every time you care, you are practicing the best, most personalized kind of medicine there is, Lifestyle Medicine.

There are folks who practice this kind of medicine intentionally. Every. Single. Day. Because they understand intuitively that health and resilience is a way of life, "a long obedience in the same direction," as Nietzsche would put it.

These people know that the decisions they make today, make them different people tomorrow, enzyme by enzyme, cell by cell, relationship by relationship. They know this, even if they can't articulate how they know this. Some things are easy to imagine but hard to explain. All they know is that if they listen closely enough, they can feel their body interacting with their environment, responding to every bite of food, every good night of sleep, every human touch, and every satisfying breath of air.

If you're reading this, you're probably already listening to your body, or you want to learn how. Welcome aboard. This is your home.

I'd like to take us on a fantastic journey. I want to go in search of what Aristotole called eudaemonia, or "Human Flourishing". It's a journey intimately bound up with Food, Movement, Sleep, Stress, and Connectedness.

Every week, I'll be sharing with you the freshest ideas I can find about the proper care and feeding of the human frame. And sometimes I'll blow the lens wide open, so we can see the vast web of relationships we depend on to survive—and thrive.

How's that sound?

My goal is to help you sharpen and repair your most basic asset in life: your health—your platform to do good work in the world.

Let's get started...