Pastured, or Cage Free?

Are you suspicious about the way food is marketed in this country? Me too. In this short video you'll learn about the slippery linguistics of Egg Marketing.

Finally, we can understand the critical difference between cage free, free-range, and pasture raised!


  • Cage Free: This term only tells you what the chickens are NOT raised in: a wire cage. But they could still be packed into a warehouse with standing room only.

  • Free Range: This term is interpreted loosely by the industry. For example, five-thousand chickens packed into a warehouse with a little doorway out to a small patio where they can "free-range" is still considered free-range. Yup.

  • Pastured: Currently this is the only term that actually means what you think it means--chickens raised on pasture land who are free to eat greens, grubs, soil microbes and minerals, and so on.

Yours in Health and Resilience,